Our Christmas Message

New Years Recycling Resolutions


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Happy New Year from the team at Cramer Property! We hope you had (and are still having) fantastic, safe holidays filled with love, laughter, decadent meals and long, relaxing days. We want to start the year on a really positive note, so we feel that all of us could (and really should) commit to the New Year’s resolution of recycling our way to a healthier planet.

Get your kitchen's act together (Part 2)


Cramer and the city blog

Part 2 – Cleaning with a vengeance I’m hoping you’ve been busy giving away, throwing out or selling your un-used, cluttering kitchen crap. If you had one, how fun are garage sales, by the way? Once you have cleared the decks, there will hopefully be a lot more visible benchtop and cupboard space.

Get your kitchen's act together


Cramer and the city blog

Aspire to aquire kitchen heaven.... Part 1 Out with the old, chipped and ugly Whether renting or living in your own property, so many of us end up with kitchens that look like a junk/food bomb hybrid has gone off.

We Love Local


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Latteria, a veritable Sydney coffee institution, is also the second home away from home to Cramer’s MD, Erle. Not a day goes by that he cannot be seen there for breakfast or lunch, and invariably both. He discovered Latteria when he moved into the Cramer Victoria Street premises in the late 1990s and he has never looked back.

'Tis the season to be jolly


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Whether celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, the holidays or long summer days, it is a great time to give your home a touch (or a truckload) of festive season accessorising.