History lives on


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Annandale…. where history lives on... Architecturally, Annandale is an incredibly interesting suburb from an historical perspective. It is home to some of the first houses in Sydney and is a canvas for the unexpected. Nestled quite startlingly amid some of Sydney’s earliest architectural history lies the Ann & Dale, a striking example of the quintessential linear, large-windowed retro 70s building.

Swing your way to a calm mind


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With life becoming busier and more and more stressful, we all need to find ways to unwind. And as our home should be our refuge from the crazy world outside, we need to think of ways to create a tranquil and serenely calming indoor environment.

Interiors with Jessica Iliffe


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Interview with the lovely Jessica Iliffe interior designer and stylist. Read more about her inspirations, style mood boards and more...

Are you an Ace Ventura?


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If you are a pet lover you may be interested to know where you and your pet stand in your strata scheme... It appears that more than two-thirds of Australian households include pets and Australia has the highest incidence of pet ownership per household of any country in the world.

History on our doorstep


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THE STATLER & HOPES APARTMENTS, DARLINGHURST Article by guest author Andrew Woodhouse, Director, Heritage Solutions

Give Your Home Sell Appeal - Step.1


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Stress less and plan to de-clutter long before your first open day. Prior to your photo shoot taking place be prepared to have a big clean-up and take the opportunity to give away/store/sell anything you don’t think will add to the overall aesthetic of your home.