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In light of the rapid global changes affecting us all on the back of COVID-19, many are considering buying stocks and shares in this depressed market, but what about purchasing property? It pays to remember that bricks and mortar are generally far more stable than shares.

As one of the oldest urban settlements in Australia, founded in 1810 by Governor Lachlan Macquarie, Liverpool is experiencing a seismic revival. Few places in our city are changing as fast as Liverpool, and the quantity and calibre of infrastructure projects are positioning it as Sydney’s fastest growing economy.

Get your kitchen's act together - Part 2


Cramer And The City

I’m hoping you’ve been busy giving away, throwing out or selling your un-used, cluttering kitchen crap. If you had one, how fun are garage sales by the way?

Get your kitchen’s act together - Part 1


Cramer And The City

Whether renting or living in your own property, so many of us end up with kitchens that look like a junk/food bomb hybrid has gone off.

We Love Local: Ode to Latteria


Cramer And The City

Latteria, a veritable Sydney coffee institution, is also the second home away from home to Cramer’s MD, Erle. Not a day goes by that he cannot be seen there for breakfast or lunch, and invariably both. He discovered Latteria when he moved into the Cramer Victoria Street premises in the late 1990s and he has never looked back.

Taking the edge off homelessness


Cramer And The City

Darlinghurst is full of fantastic cafés, restaurants and bars, beautiful terraces and boutique shops. But if you are interested in seeing another side and getting away from the hip and the glam, you need go no further than Rough Edges, a lounge room for street people that offers a place to be safe, to be secure, to meet with friends - to watch TV, read the paper, drink coffee or play chess.