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At Cramer Property, our goal is to give you the most unique, creative and effective service in the industry. As an established property agency that has been operating for almost 25 years, our unbeatable industry knowledge ensures you will receive the professionalism, attention to detail, creative capability and personalised service to set your property apart. And as a boutique style of operator, we are able to give the care and attention your property deserves. Experience the Cramer difference.


Many of us still believe that when our family expands, we need to upgrade from an apartment to a house. This generally requires a move away from the area that we love to somewhere often unfamiliar where we believe we’ll get more bang for our buck. The Great Australian Dream of the quarter-acre block with a Hills Hoist has been drummed into us since time immemorial...

Over the last few decades, Sydney’s Inner East suburbs of Alexandria and Rosebery have undergone one of the most radical transformations in our city. What were almost exclusively industrial areas have been dramatically gentrified are now teeming with some of Sydney’s most popular eateries, boutiques and artisan purveyors galore.

Make village life your new normal


Cramer and the City

Emerging from the two years of covid restrictions, lockdowns and isolation, so many of us are desperate to have a strong sense of community again. Given we are social creatures, this sense of belonging and engagement in our community is critical to our wellbeing. And the world over, village life promotes this sense of belonging and engagement.

When looking to purchase property, the rush, pressure, sense of urgency, built up hopes and consequent disappointments can create a very stressful scenario. Saturdays become all but consumed by rushing from open to open, and then finally when we find a property we wish to purchase, hopes are raised and then invariably come crashing...